BOA on Domoto Kyoudai

February 16, 2009

After watching an old appearance of BOA on “Domoto Kyoudai” i reaaaaaaally can’t wait until Tohoshinki’s appearance airs. They are so funny anyway and of course Tohoshinki are really funny too, so the result is going to be great 😀 I can’t find out when the appearance will air? Does anyone know? o.O

On this appearance, BOA is so cute! This is the first time i’ve seen her in an interview and i didn’t realise until now how shyly cute she is!

Part one:

Part two:

Haha her description of her perfect man sounded a lot like Jaejoong!

Part three:

There’s been so many bands/artists on Domoto Kyoudai. For example even Ishikawa Rika has appeared on there! I remember them reenacting the wota dance hahaha.

But yeah….i wonder why Johnny is suddenly embracing Tohoshinki with open arms? What does he have up his sleeve? Is he going to try buy them off Avex? Or maybe get close enough to them that he can invite them round to his place and………hahaha..well it’s his fault for having so many bad rumours about him!


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