I don’t know..

March 9, 2009

I prefer Berryz Koubou’s Dakishimete Dakishimete much much more. It’s twice as good! Unlucky C-ute!

If any of you listen to Radio 1, you may be aware of ‘changing tracks’
It’s basically where people submit stories of themselves where they are going through a difficult/big experience/change in their life and they say if there’s a song which represents this/is significant etc.

Okay, well recently i’ve read ‘confessions of a teenage amnesiac’ if you haven’t read it i may give away a part of the plot so you may not want to read…..

In it she gets together with a guy called James yeah? Who basically becomes depressed and goes to an institute…and then when he is better, the girl, Naomi and him have gone from being in love, to not even friends…
Well the story on changing tracks today was a guy who was in love with a girl, but then she became anorexic and had to go to an institute…and they’ve also gone from being in love to not being together anymore once she got better.

I think that is so sad! I don’t even think there’s a point to this post, just that it’s really sad!

I should be doing coursework…….


Btw, in responce to Aibon’s scandal…LOL! She’s a proper rebel innit..
I find it amazing how unbelievably different her and Nono are now. They couldn’t be even more different. How were they ever friends? I reckon that they fought a lot back in the day lol.


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