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Give them a blog!

March 23, 2009

This is in answer to a couple of search terms which have led people to my blog and I felt incredibly compelled to answer, because obviously i have no life:

Doesn’t takahashi ai have a blog? No, because Tsunku would have a fit. (I don’t really know the real reason……..maybe they don’t want you to realise how much they work..)

What songs are in akai ito drama? HY – 366 Nichi

Ah i love that drama…and the song… ❤ and the ending! ^_^

“Hate kat-tun?”
No, i don’t. 🙂

Ah! Their new album has been announced today on cdjapan/yesasia to be released on the 29th April! How exciting! 🙂 except on cdjapan the limited edition has sold out already. Ehhhhhhh?

Hmm..also…just as i was about to have a hissy fit that NEWS have disappeared completely, they have a single release, “Koi no ASBO”….i mean…”Koi no ABO” but i honestly say ASBO each time i read it….whoops. Anyway it looks like it actually comes with some exciting goodies!

Limited Edition: 12 page booklet
1) Koi no ABO
2) Labyrinth
3) Koi no ABO (Original Karaoke)
1) Happy Birthday
2) weeeek
3) Gangan Ganbatte
4) Hadashi no Cinderella Boy
6) MC

1) Koi no ABO
2) Labyrinth
3) Open Your Eyes
4) Share – Live at Tokyo Dome

And on the subject of blogs, the only ex-Morning Musume members i’m aware of which have blogs (Nono, Aibon, Yuko, Marippe, Makoto, Yasuda Kei, Gocchin had one for a bit too…) you can find most of them translated around the net.
But hey do you see a pattern here? No current members? Why not Tsunku? Surely it would make them more popular? I would like it if they had a shared blog, where they take turns writing in it 🙂  ah that would be amaaazing..yesh. Maybe even JunJun and LinLin, reporting on their life in Japan. I know whenever DBSK goes on a TV show they seem to find it amazing that they’re Korean and are speaking Japanese…but we don’t get that for Jun&Lin. Shouldn’t they be reporting on their life as ‘transfer’ members? Shouldn’t they actually be doing something?


Ai-chan’s drama beats Kamenashi’s!!

February 8, 2009

400px-kaminoshizuku  400px-qed-banner1

Yah you read that right! Here are the ratings for each episode so far… ^_^

Kami no Shizuku: 10.3  7.3  6.2  5.0
Q.E.D:           6.2  6.0  4.7   3.9  7.1

Which quite blatantly translates to:

Q.E.D —> Takahashi Ai —> Morning Musume
Kami no Shizuku —> Kamenashi Kazuya —> KAT-TUN
—> Morning Musume VS KAT-TUN
Winner = Morninggg Muuuuuuuuuuusume!

Which is quite a nice change from KAT-TUN’s usual conquering (or brainwashing…you pick) of outselling them by the hundreds of thousands on oricon chart…

(hahaha yes i know that it’s nothing like that…but it made me feel good for a bit!)
Ahhhhhhh……..i admit that Q.E.D has a much better storyline compared to Kami no Shizuku though. Just imagine if it was Kame who played the lead guy in Q.E.D instead….ah that would have been awesome.
Hmm actually i like KAT-TUN. I even bought one of their singles…well and downloaded the rest xD but i love their first and last albums!
I still find it absolutely hilarious how bad Kami no Shizuku is doing though! I haven’t watched it yet, but i will give the first episode a go maybe later..there’s so many good drama’s to watch this season that i keep forgetting which one’s i want to watch!
My list so far is:
Love Shuffle
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Arifureta Kiseki Kami no Shizuku

I’ve thought about watching RESCUE…just for the fact it seems like it’d be absolutely hilarious! Actually i’ve just remembered Massu’s in it..i must watch it!
I’m already watching Akai Ito….which is very awesome. Ah i wish i had more time to watch all these dramas! I think if i were to live in Japan (at the moment i’m planning on going to live there next January/Feburary time for six monthsish if i decide to take a gap year..) i would have no social life as i would be watching a drama every night! xD


Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Aki – Resonant Live

January 27, 2009

This concert comes out tomorrow and i am really looking forward to it! Ah i have been waiting so long for it to come out! Only thing is, i am really dissapointed that they don’t perform at big stadiums anymore, but i guess they make more money by doing smaller stages.

The tracklist is:
2) Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!
3) Mikan
4) MC1
5) Pepper Keibu
6) VTR – Member Introduction
7) TOP!
8] YAH! Aishitai
9) MC2
10) Inspiration!
11) Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan
12) Purple Wind – Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Koharu Kusumi, Aika Mitsui, Junjun, Linlin
13) Lemon Iro to Milk Tea – Eri Kamei, Sayumi Michishige, Reina Tanaka
14) MC3 – Eri Kamei, Sayumi Michishige, Reina Tanaka
15.) Tan Tan Taan! – MilkyWay
16) Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito – Aika Mitsui
17) Guruguru JUMP – Koharu Kusumi, Junjun, Linlin
18] Mushoku Toumei na Mama de – Ai Takahashi
19) Take off is now! – Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Reina Tanaka
20) MC4 – Koharu Kusumi, Aika Mitsui, Junjun, Linlin
21) Dou ni mo Tomaranai
22) Koi no Dial 6700
23) MC5 – Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki
24) Souda! We’re ALIVE
25) Onna ni Sachi Are
26) Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~
27) Koko ni Iruzee!
28] MC6
29) Resonant Blue
30) Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wo Aisenai Darou
31) MC7
32) Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!
1) INDIGO BLUE LOVE – Risa Niigaki
2) Lemon Iro to Milk Tea (Eri Kamei Version)
3) Lemon Iro to Milk Tea (Sayumi Michishige Version)

Today some more tracks have leaked, my favourite being: ‘Dou ni mo Tomaranai’

Wow i remember somebody saying Eri was ‘fierce’ and i think this video just about proves it! If i were a guy……..

…After hearing how good that was I am really looking forward to Koi no Dial 6700!! It’s probably my favourite song off their ‘Cover You’ album. I love Eri’s “anata ga suki” lines. In fact i feel that Eri’s voice has improved soso much! Actually, all of their voices have improved a lot over the past year (well except Reina’s maybe) which i guess is Morning Musume’s charm ^_^ the fact that there is always room for improvement so you can watch them grow and feel more proud of them, i guess as opposed to a band for example, Tohoshinki, who were already amazing at the start (ohhh i am biased) so i guess it takes a lot more for them to impress you each time.
So yeah, to sum this up, i can’t wait until it comes out!!! 😀

You can buy the concert here at yesasia or here at CDJapan. You could probably buy it from other places, but they’re the only places i have experience with! 🙂