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Buono! – My Boy (Oricon Daily Ranking)

April 29, 2009

On a lighter note from my previous post, Buono! placed 3rd on the oricon daily chart with 8573 units (is it still units or exact singles sold now?) and were less than a 100 away from 2nd place.

 I love this song 😀 it’s a bit strange in places though….but i won’t extend further, let’s just leave it as: it’s awesome!

Well done!



(And of course NEWS got number 1…..*coughwelldonecough*) ❤


Vote for Tohoshinki! (and NEWS!)

April 1, 2009

It’s the Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia!

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate musical showdown. In this second edition of Battle of the Pop we’re putting the very best of Asia up against each other for the Channel [V] Pop Star Throne. We know just how much you love the fresh Asian pop sound and so we’re giving you the chance to decide who the ultimate Asian sensation is! Big Bang vs Tohoshinki, Lollipop vs Farenheit, News vs Super Junior, S.H.E. vs Wonder Girls – Can you choose sides between the best of the best?

As Asia’s top music acts square off, viewers can vote for who rocks their world by logging on to Join the battle by selecting your favorite artists from each country and telling us why they are the best in the pop world. We’ll tally up the votes and show you who reigns superior in the Battle of the Pop Asian Edition with special back-to-back music videos only on Channel [V].

Okay so it’s Big Bang VS Tohoshinki and here is where you can vote!

You need to register here which doesn’t take very long at all. You don’t even need to confirm your email!

If you don’t buy their CDS, at least vote for them – it’s free! ^_^

Also while you’re there vote for NEWS too – they’re losing against Super Junior! 😥

You have until the 6th April! 🙂



February 5, 2009

Whenever i hear the start to DBSK’s song “O Jun Ban Hap” i always end up laughing at myself. This is because every single time i hear the start of it where Yoochun says “Yo Yunho let’s try some noisy beat..” seriously, every single time i hear it, instead of what Yoochun is really saying, i get Masuda Takahisa’s voice coming into my head, replacing the lyrics with: “Yo Yunho, what’s fo’ dinner tonight?”
Yes i am being serious.
I believe it is because they use the exact same tone of voice….and well…..haha i don’t think i can really justify this!

Just listen to it!
In case you’re wondering, this is Masuda Takahisa’s (NEWS) performance of “Pumpkin” during the “Never Ending Wonderful Story” concert.

Hear it? “Yo what’s fo’ dinner tonight?” Ah Massu…….
Anyway, here’s DBSK’s “O”

Please say i’m not crazy!!!! If you’re struggling to imagine i even made a (quick) recording of what i hear:

Ahhhhhhh forget Yoosu, it’s all about Massyoo! ^______^

Heyyy they even look a bit alike too? 😉

Haha, i also sometimes listen to songs over and over and then it suddenly clicks that they are singing english words! This happened to me yesterday, when i was listening to the song by NEWS “Mafuyu no Nagareboshi” where the last paragraph in the song is sung in English. I wasn’t really paying much attention to this song as i was busy doing something else, but for some reason i suddenly thought, “hey that’s English!”
Listening back to it makes me feel really stupid as it’s so obvious, but sometimes i just can’t be bothered to try translate what they’re saying in my head, so it all just merges together! I think it’s the “I can be your heart, I wish to see…..” part. Here’s a clip of a shortened version of the song being performed at their Pacific tour.

Ah I really do wonder why these pesky Asians always insist on adding random English to their songs. Is it really that cool to do so? Will more people buy your records if you add the odd English phrase?
To be honest, i really don’t think so. But who knows? I’m not Japanese! I asked my Japanese penpal (yes i have one..don’t laugh!) and he didn’t seem to think there was any relevance in it. Obviously that doesn’t speak for all Japanese people. But isn’t it random? Doesn’t it annoy them that they’ve got some random lyrics in their head which they don’t understand? (Then again..that always happens to me….)

Ah the English language is such a strange thing. I’m always thinking, ehhh why do we do that? For example, we miss out so many words in our sentences, just because we can and they still make sense!
To be honest, i’m so glad that that doesn’t happen in German (as far as i’m aware) as it’d just leave me so much more confused!
I often find myself wondering whether i should be happy that English is my first language and i don’t have to learn it which gives me the option of learning any language i want to, instead of just – ‘okay learn English, then learn the language you want to’
Is that ignorant to think like that? My German friend who’s over here for three months told us she was under the impression that English people believed they didn’t need to learn any languages because everybody learns theirs.
Obviously me being a language geek is an exception to that, but it’s awfully true! In my German class there’s only three of us. Out of a college of hundreds, only seven people (when including the first year) want to carry on learning German from school. Why is that? Are they intimidated by the amount of hard work? Is it just laziness or is it arrogance?


Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Aki – Resonant Live – A reflection..

February 3, 2009

My first thoughts when watching this tour were:
1) Heyyy more belly showing than usual?
2) Ehhh have they got…more slutty?
3) Wow Eri has really improved! Like really really!
4) Risa has been given some center positions..hold on…it’s not all Ai and Reina?
5) LinLin has bigger cheers than aika? =O
6) Wait…i actually like LinLin?

I swear i was pouting all throughout the concert. Hmm i could go on but i’ll stop there! xD I think if i were to sum this tour up in one word it would be ‘FANSERVICE!’
Arghhhhhhhhh seriously! I’ll explain this using the method which has been forever drummed into me in english – ‘groups of three’ lol (did they ever just think that once they
got to three, they just got bored and didn’t want to add more points?!)

1) Look at the way Ai-chan looks at Koharu. I mean isn’t Koharu like what..13…15? (i can’t be bothered to look it up….okay i did she’s 16 lol) and i think what’s even more hilarious is the face Koharu’s pulling haha SHE LOOKS TERRIFIED! Tsunkuuuuuuuu…


Am i looking too deep into this? Well……..

2) The whole performance of “Take Off Is Now.” I think it was a good performance, as i really like the song…but watching it just made me feel uncomfortable! I’m sure if i were a guy i wouldn’t be..but as i am a girl who is completely straight..watching girls trying to be sexy just makes me cringe! It’s a shame, because i’m not entirely convinced that they really want to act like that. Even Reina. Actually wait, Reina does. (see next point..)

3) Reina. Ahhhh but then again Reina is always like this. I mean Reina..why do you need to do that, what are you expecting?



I found it hilarious that Koharu looked as if she was giving birth throughout “Koi No Dial 6700” as you can see in the picture below.
And once again you can also see Reina sticking her arse out…in fact…..i’m not really sure what she’s doing………


Tbh there was a lot of ‘bum sticking out’ movements from everyone in this concert. Even Risa…ah speaking of Risa..i think even she can’t help but look at Reina’s bum!


I don’t think i’m gonna even start and go into detail of their performance of “Purple Wind.” Let’s just pretend it’s nice and innocent like they used to be. I don’t know why i don’t like morning musume being like this. They’ve been like this for a while after all. There are plently of bands worse than them as well.
Anyway, i don’t know if i’ve got my point across well..there are other examples, but that would mean watching the whole concert again and although i have been watching it daily for the last few days now, the one time i need to watch it…i don’t want to 😀 haha if i see anything else worth mentioning, then i’ll add it.

I wonder if i am the only one who thinks that Reina’s voice just gets worse and worse? It’s awful sometimes! To the point i would say sayumi sounds better..sometimes! 😉

Anyway i’m really glad at how Eri and Risa have been given much more time to shine 🙂 I think because we suddenly get to see two new people put in the spolight, it makes Reina and Ai-chan seem more boring..and predictable? Is that just me?

Oh yeah, don’t you think LinLin really looks like Inoue Mao? (from hana yori dango)



Creepy! I think it’s the same face shape and smile. LinLin has definately grown on me actually. I think it’s because she looks less manly than i first thought and i can see that she’s actually pretty! Silly me for not noticing it earlier! Actually Aika is really pretty. She looks so much better with her current hair! Well done hairstylist! *claps* back to LinLin though..i feel she really fits in well with Morning Musume, so i can see what Tsunku was doing when he picked her! I feel more sorry for JunJun though as there are parts where i can see how she looks so tired. I mean..Morning Musume showing fatigue? That’s against all the rules! 😉
Heh i think it’s mean making JunJun be the only one to wear trousers (unless she picked them of course) But i swear they always make the tall members wear the trousers..and it just..i dunno..doesn’t it just make them look taller? O.o

Ah in fact i think this concert…is a concert of growth! Koharu’s voice is actually alright! They’ve all improved vocally…well done takakajadnbs..takarazuka? people from cinderella!!! I feel sorry for Sayumi though as she doesn’t get as many vocal parts as the other 5/6th gens..i mean when she gets a solo which is longer than one line, i’m always surprised that she’s allowed to sing one!

I think to end this…erm reflection, i’ll leave you with the constipated face of LinLin during “Resonant Blue”


I swear she was smiling throughout it as well. I mean talk about inappropriate! With lyrics like “resonant sadness echoes deep inside me” it’s not exactly something to smile about!
Though to be honest…..if i were in Morning Musume, i would be so happy, i would never stop smiling!

Ah maybe i should end this with saying that although i am an overly critical skeptic ~ morning musume ga daisuki desu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aragaki Yui

February 3, 2009

yui_aragaki2 aragakiyui1

I would like to introduce you to my favourite female soloist – Aragaki Yui. In fact, i would say she is also one of my favourite actresses! If you recognise her it may be because she was the lead actress in the popular film “koizora!”
Recently she has been releasing music too, where she has managed to get within the top 3 for all of her singles! Well you can see why though..even if it’s just because she’s so kawaii!

Here is her first single, “Memories.”

I think that listening to it really makes me realise all over again how much i love her songs! It really reminds me of summer, or maybe it reminds me of studio ghibli films! I think it’s the background music, ❤

Here is her second single, “heavenly days.” This was released for the film Koizora. If you haven’t seen it already, this video will probably make you want to!

Here is her third single “make my day.” It reached number 2 on the oricon weekly chart and has sold 82,206 copies!

Her forth single “Akai Ito” which reached number 3 on the weekly charts, selling 59,223 copies. The video also features Kobukuro singing the song, which isn’t featured on the single, so here is just the single with only Yui singing.

She has an upcoming single called, ‘piece’ which will be released on the 25th of Feburary. Here’s the tracklist for it:

1) piece
2) スパークル (Sparkle)
3) あなたに (Anata ni)
4) piece(naked voice ver.)
5) piece(instrumental)

It comes in 3 editions, (as most Japanese stuff does..)

Limited Edition (Type A)


Limited Edition (Type B) (i’m unsure if this is the actual cover for it)


Regular Edition


The first press editions of all these feature a mini poster, so order soon if you would like it as it’s still available!

The song “piece” is composed by the same person who composed her first ‘single’ “heavenly days” so it should be good 🙂
Also, apparently Yui wrote the lyrics for the song ‘sparkle’ herself 🙂 and the third song, ‘anata ni’ is a cover of a MONGOL800 song.

I decided to do some research into MONGOL800…as i thought their name sounded slightly familiar. Turns out they did an insert song for the drama Proposal Daisakusen! Here it is if you’re interested…

Anyway…they are a successful band who debuted in 1998 and managed to sell over two million copies of their debut album despite not much advertising! Ah it’s alright for some isn’t ittt~

Ah i found their song “anata ni” on youtube:

I’m sure Yui’s will be better…haha..actually i don’t mind this band too much. They have a nostalgic kind of sound (but maybe it’s just because that’s how one of their songs were used in Propal Dai) and they give me the feeling of sunny, lazy days! 🙂

Anyway, i’m looking forward to Yui’s version! I’m really glad that she always seems to have good B-sides to her songs as i’ve loved all her previous ones!
I am very tempted to buy the limited type A, just based on the cover alone which i’ve fallen in love with ❤
I’m really hoping that she’ll release an album soon though. Well one is due right? Please release one soon! One with all the singles on it please 😀
Ah, but…then again…the cover to "piece" is so pretty…ahhhhh.
Please be more decisive than me and buy it!

If you would like to find out more about her, here is her wikipedia page.

Here are the purchase links for Aragaki Yui in cdjapan (which counts towards oricon chart) and yesasia.

EDIT: I’ve also recently found these download links for Aragaki Yui’s discography here! I’m not sure if they work, but hopefully!


Wow i finally have a blog!

January 26, 2009

Hello everybody 🙂

I have pretty much wanted a blog for the longest time, but have never really got round to it!
I regularly read blogs to keep updated on morning musume & tohoshinki news and have always thought ‘ahhhhh i want to do that tooooooo!’
So that’s what this blog will do:
1) Post news on the music i’m interested in. Maybe do some reviews or something.
2) I am planning on translating some stuff from Japanese to English. So i’ll post links to it here. I am currently working on a MC from Morning Musume’s Single Daizenshuu concert!
3) Post my fanfics. I’ve recently started a Jaejoong one 😀
4) Finally, maybe post some stuff about my life.

Hmm..lets just see how well i stick to these aims. 😉


Hold on,  should i even have aims?