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What’s this? Snow?! :-O

February 2, 2009

Ahhh maybe i should complain more often!!! Haha after making that post yesterday…guess what? Snow came overnight! Woohoo!
Hehe…we didn’t get as much as other places, but it’s still the best snow we’ve had since i was an infant! College wasn’t cancelled though 😦 I still spent most of the day having snow fights though lol. Ahhh i wish my best friends weren’t so boring and wanted to have snow fights! I still found other friends to have them with though so that was good. A few people were so excited today! It’s amazing what a bit of snow can do to our lives lol. I swear the whole country is in a state of panic!
It was frustrating today that about half of college didn’t turn up either..i think there was about 5 people in my psychology class! Haha, here are some photos i took this morning when i was supposed to be in tutor of my garden/street. Please don’t stalk me now >_<


For some reason i always end up taking these sort of photos….



Heh this is the sun trying to break through the grey sky..funny thing is, the sky doesn’t seem to be that much more grey than it normally is 😉


And we managed to have a snowfight! 🙂


Ah my toes are numb!