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Day off college!

February 3, 2009

This morning i was thinking to myself…hmmm…i really don’t want to go to college today…should i skive? No! I will go in! & then just as i was sulkingly getting ready to go, i found a text from Chris saying, “college is cancelled today!”
Ah how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s sad though that when they made that decision, outside looked pretty snowy, but now…’s all melting away….boooo!
I mean this morning looked like this:


Then this happened:


And then a couple of hours later..and the sun finally breaks through..


Anyway i was going to go to town with my friends today, but as theres no snow left i think i will finish my coursework that’s in for tomorrow instead..and maybe catch up on some posts i haven’t made here which i want to!
For some reason my print screen button isn’t working properly? As in it captures the screen…………..yet it doesn’t. If you move the window it’s in, then it moves with it? I don’t know…it’s really hard to explain, but yeah..hopefully it’ll stop doing that soon?
Ah am i boring for not wanting to go out in the sleet/rain? *feels guilty*



February 1, 2009

Finally i have a place i can complain to! 😀
Basically, i love snow. I really really love the snow. I would be very happy if i lived in a place which always snowed as i would be out there playing in it everyday! I wouldn’t care that i’d be playing with people probably 10 years younger than me..haha as i think everyone else my age would be complaining about it!
Anyway, where i live in England, which is in the south (to be specific, near Portsmouth which is two hours away (?) from London), if we ever do happen to get snow, it never lays! & will last for about 5 minutes at most! I know this is because i live in an area protected by many the isle of wight and big hills..but i still want to pout like a child and pull a big tantrum. I think it’s because it always happens that the whole of England is covered in snow except for the part where i live (excluding the west country) -_- it’s really unfair lol.
I just looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow as i got told at work yesterday “it’s going to snow and be really deep on monday-tuesday!” (haha they also told me it’s not going to get above -6!) Argh and it predicts snow pretty much everywhere except where i live, where they predict rain. & it will be the coldest where i live too.


Anyway rant over. It snowed for a few seconds today. & it may snow overnight actually, so hopefully when i wake up…….

Ah why don’t i live in London/Scotland *dreams*