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Wow i finally have a blog!

January 26, 2009

Hello everybody 🙂

I have pretty much wanted a blog for the longest time, but have never really got round to it!
I regularly read blogs to keep updated on morning musume & tohoshinki news and have always thought ‘ahhhhh i want to do that tooooooo!’
So that’s what this blog will do:
1) Post news on the music i’m interested in. Maybe do some reviews or something.
2) I am planning on translating some stuff from Japanese to English. So i’ll post links to it here. I am currently working on a MC from Morning Musume’s Single Daizenshuu concert!
3) Post my fanfics. I’ve recently started a Jaejoong one 😀
4) Finally, maybe post some stuff about my life.

Hmm..lets just see how well i stick to these aims. 😉


Hold on,  should i even have aims?