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Stockholm Japan Expo Cancelled..

April 29, 2009

People found this out ages ago……but still……ah i’ve lost all interest in blogging recently!

Yeah…………well…..i am highly superstitious and believe everything happens for a reason……….so the fact that I kept postponing buying my tickets for it, even though i didn’t know what was holding me back, has more meaning than i imagined?

I’d like to think so at least! Haha.

It’s such a shame. 😦

I am sad beyond belief that i can’t go to see Morning Musume in LA either…i would spend all my money and travel out there so i can sing in front of Tsunku(!!!!!!!!) but unfortunately (though i am looking forward to it) i am on holiday in Turkey at that time. Such bad luck!

I will sing in front of Tsunku one day though…i do intend to apply to as many record companies as possible when i finally move over to Japan. It is my dream to be a singer there 🙂 Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

And anyone else who’s affected by the Buono! cancellation, my sympathy goes out to you! Also good luck if you do get to sing in front of Tsunku……….he isn’t looking for new recruits is he? (Why do i have to miss out on this chance when it’s probably the best chance i’ll have >_<)

I’m sure all those people who do still go out to Sweden will have an awesome time! Good on ya!


Buono! is going to Sweden?!

March 6, 2009


Buono! will be performing at the Japan Expo in Sweden on the 24th May.

From Hello!Online

Buono!’s performance at the biggest J-pop/Culture event in North Europe, Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden!

Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Date: 22.5-24.5
Buono! will appear on 24th of May.

*Place: FRYSHUSET, Stockholm

Organization: New Nippon Productions

Ticket: 400SEK

Contact info:
*The contact is for mails in English only.
*Furthermore, you can find more details about ticket purchase and the event at the official page (in English)

Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 Official site

Wow i completely didn’t expect that. Really unexpected. Exciting though. Even though i live pretty far away.
I guess this means that C-ute and Berryz Koubou won’t be going anywhere then?
But anyway..hmm…Stockholm…
I am going to try and persuade my brother to go there with me, if he says yes then i’ll probably go…if i can get it cheap! So far the flights are £50, the tickets are around £30?

So what’s Stockholm like? And how hard is Swedish to learn? o.O
If it isn’t going to be in England why isn’t it in Germany instead? At least then i can argue it will help with my German…haha..